About Us

A Boutique Digital Marketing Agency Focused on Results

Small but mighty. Establish in 2019 Social Fruit was founded by 2 close friend Efe Önsoy ( Turkey ) and James Stuart ( Spain ) studying at the same university. The company they founded to help their friends’ social media management later moved to a completely different point with social media growth software they develop which led them create their own social media engagement system. Whats these mean?  All services you buy from us are the ones we send to yu with the software we created, its mean we are not reseller, we are creator.

 After our enormous growth in social media market, Clutch, a research firm that identifies top services companies, ranks Social Fruit one of the top 100 social media agencies globally (4.9/5 stars) based on reviews obtained via client phone interviews.

 Efe and James still continue to work with their small team in London, with their first day’s work determination and boutique business model where they are in one-on-one contact with their customers.