7 Telegram Tips Tricks You Should Know (2023)

 Do you want to grow your telegram channel, but you don’t have any knowhow about it? You’re are at the right place then! In This article will provide you 7 Tips to boost your telegram engagements.
 Telegram is an instant messaging platform that offers free, anonymous communication with security features. Open-source and cross-platform, Telegram offers encrypted video calling, VoIP, file-sharing, and many other features. The platform also offers optional encrypted “secret” chats. More than 500 million people have downloaded the Telegram app for Android from the Google Google Play Store. These are some useful tips and tricks to help you make the most of the app.

1. Send Messages Editable

Telegram lets you edit messages that have been sent. To do the same, select the message you wish to edit and then tap the “Edit (pen),” icon at top. After you make the necessary changes, you will see an “Edited” label in the app. You can only edit messages within 48 hours of sending them.

2. Silent Messages

Silent messages is a way to communicate with busy users without disturbing them. This feature allows you to send messages without any sound or vibration, even if the recipient is not in the “Do not disturb” mode. Tap and hold the “send button” button to use this feature. Then, you can choose to “Send without sound” and then you’re done.

3. Schedule messages

Telegram allows you to schedule messages. By pressing and holding down the “send button”, you can schedule a message. Select “Schedule message” to choose the time and date. You can choose the time and date you prefer to receive your message

4. Normal Chats: Self-destructive Media

You can choose a time when media will Self-destruct. The feature was previously limited to the “Secret Chat”, but it is now available for all media types. With the latest update, you can now self-destruct media such as photos and videos in normal chats. Select a photo or video, then click on the “timer button”. The time at which media is deleted will be set by you.

5. Delete the Sender’s Message

Telegram allows you to delete messages you’ve sent and delete messages from other users. Select the message you wish to delete and then tap the delete button. Then, select “Also delete this message for X” and click on “Delete”. You will see the message disappear at both ends.

6. Make edits to videos

Telegram allows you to edit videos. To use this feature, open a chat and choose the video you wish to send. To open the video editor, tap the tuning icon. You can adjust many elements such as saturation, contrast, exposure and others.

7. Quick GIFs and YouTube Search

 You can send a GIF, a YouTube link or both without leaving Telegram. Enter your search query and type @gif or @youtube. The chat screen will display the results.
 Telegram allows you to select a part of a message, without the need to copy it all. You can also edit it later using Telegram. Tap and hold on to a message to select a part.

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