15 ways to Boost Engagement with Twitter Polls (2023)

twitter poll votes

Do you want to grow your engagement with twitter polls, but you don’t have any knowhow about it? You’re are at the right place then! In This article will provide you 15 Tips to grow your twitter engagement with twitter polls.

It’s easy to forget that Twitter is a social network first and foremost. People use Twitter to stay connected with their friends, connect with brands, and even share fun facts about themselves. Twitter polls are one of the easiest ways to do all three for twitter marketing.

A poll can be as simple or complex as you want it to be. A simple poll asks users what they think about a specific topic. But if you want to engage with your followers in real time and get some feedback on something you might not have thought of before, then a poll is a great way to go.

Here are 15 ways to boost your engagement with Twitter polls.

1. Start with an interesting question

When people see a tweet asking them for their opinion on a specific subject, they tend to respond positively. That’s why starting with an interesting question can help increase the response rate. If you ask a question like “Do you support net neutrality?” or “Should we ban Trump from Twitter?” you’ll likely receive more responses than if you asked, “What color should my new shirt be?”

2. Create a poll using @mentions

Another tactic to increase interaction with your polls is to create a poll using Twitter’s @mention feature. This lets you send a message privately to a user without cluttering up their feed. When someone clicks through to take part in your poll, they’ll receive a notification letting them know which poll they need to answer next. You only need to start the poll once to keep things organized.

3. Use polls to gain attention

Sometimes you want to throw out a quick survey to gauge how people feel about a certain idea or trend. Polls can also be used to gain attention for a brand or product. For example, if you’re selling an item at a flea market, you could start a poll asking people whether they would buy it. The goal here isn’t necessarily to get an accurate number, but rather to get people talking about your product in the hopes of increasing sales.

4. Ask multiple questions

If you’ve been running a poll for a while, you may notice that some of your most popular questions aren’t always the ones you originally posted. Your tweets get lost in the sea of other tweets every day, so you may not realize when your followers are responding to a particular poll until some time later.

To combat this problem, you can add several questions to a single poll. Doing so will allow you to better track which questions are getting the most responses and will let you tweak future polls accordingly. It will also give your twitter followers a chance to vote for their favorite answers before those answers disappear forever.


twitter poll votes
twitter poll votes

5. Send a tweet inviting participation

If you’d like to encourage your followers to take part in your poll, you can simply invite them to do so by tweeting a direct link. You can also include the hashtag #poll and tag the person who started the poll at the beginning of your tweet. This will help remind your followers of where the poll originated and entice them to click through.

6. Tell your followers to share the poll

Once the poll has ended, you can tell your follower to spread the word by sharing the link. You can also direct them to a separate page on your website or blog where they can read the full results and leave comments. Remember to credit the user who started the poll in the comments section.

7. Include polls on social media sites

You don’t always want to limit the scope of your polls to Twitter. In fact, many Twitter followers prefer this option because it gives them a platform to interact with others outside of Twitter. To extend the reach of your poll, you can post an image to Facebook or Instagram with the poll embedded inside. You can also try posting a link directly to your poll on LinkedIn or Medium.

8. Add polls to your website

If you’d like to collect responses from your website visitors, you can integrate your poll into your website easily. You can embed the poll in a blog post, add it to a sidebar widget, or post a polling form on your homepage. The key here is to provide a clear call to action and make sure the link directing people to the poll appears above any other content.

9. Promote your poll in your newsletter

Your email subscribers already trust you to deliver quality content. So why not leverage that trust and turn them into participants in your polls?

You can add polls to your email newsletters, encouraging readers to fill them out before they sign off. Or you can include a small snippet of code in your signature area telling people to click through to a poll. Either way, make sure your newsletter subscribers know exactly how to access your polls and what they’ll find once they arrive.

10. Add a custom URL to your polls

This last tip is an advanced technique that requires a bit of technical knowledge. But if you’re willing to put in the time, you can set up a custom URL that directs users to a specific poll without having them enter their login credentials. This will help prevent your polls from being clogged up with spammy links.

twitter polls
twitter polls

11. Use custom hashtags

Hashtags are a powerful tool for organizing conversations on Twitter. You can use them to promote your polls and increase the likelihood that your followers will join in. After all, it’s far easier to type #polls than it is to create a new poll, write a new tweet, and hope your followers will remember to check back in a few hours.

12. Reward your followers

In addition to creating polls to reward your followers, you can also use polls to thank your loyal fans. For example, you can offer a prize to the person who participates in the most polls or the person who shares the most valuable responses.

13. Share polls on other sites

One of the best parts about Twitter polls is that they’re easy to replicate. If you know someone else who uses Twitter, you can share the link to their account and ask them to participate. If you have a friend who runs a blog, you can ask him or her to share a poll from yours.

14. Encourage your followers to retweet

If you want to make sure your poll gets seen by as many people as possible, you should encourage followers to share the link to the poll. They’ll do this naturally if you use a catchy headline or they’ll need to be reminded. You can also ask your followers to retweet a specific tweet (or include the hashtag) to ensure the link makes it onto their timeline.

15. Track the results

|Finally, if you want to see how well your polls performed over time, you can use Google Analytics to monitor statistics such as total views, top countries, and keywords used to access your polls. These numbers can act as important indicators of how well your poll was received and what changes you should consider making in the future.

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